Ordinance Number 2021-17



 (Title and General Guidelines)

Section 1: Title.


Section 2.  General Guidelines.   

  1. Persons ages from 16 to 65 are allowed to go outside of residences provided that guidelines/protocols set by the IATF and other attached agencies shall be observed. Pregnant women, children, Senior Citizens and persons with comorbidities are encouraged to STAY AT HOME. However, they may be allowed to travel to work provided that they are gainfully employed in businesses allowed to operate under the IATF Guidelines for MGCQ and to access bank/financial institution and health services. They only have to present their Identification Card (ID) and Employment ID or Certificate of Employment issued by employer when required by proper authorities. 
  2. Use of facemask/shield is mandatory;
  •  Social/Physical Distancing shall be maintained within a 1or 2-meter radius    apart, as the case maybe, in all areas of worship, public market, offices and other establishments;
  • Curfew Hours shall be returned from 9:00 o’clock in the evening to

            4:00 o’clock in the morning;

  • Modified liquor ban is still maintained: 
    • Selling of liquor is until 5:00p.m. only; and
    • Consumption in public places and stores is strictly prohibited (should be

                            Done inside own residence only);

  • All mass or social including religious gatherings are now allowed but in accordance to the guidelines/protocols set by the IATF, that is, 50%   of the capacity of the venue shall be allowed to observe physical distancing.  Unauthorized Person Outside Residences (UPORs) are not allowed.   
  • Tricycles with franchise are allowed to operate.  However, they are only allowed to have one (1) passenger who shall sit in the side-car and there shall be no increase in fare.  Number Coding Scheme is now lifted.  For private tricycles, only one (1) passenger is allowed who shall sit in the side-car. 
  • Private Motorcycle Passenger Limit.  Only one (1) back-rider/ “angkas” is NOW ALLOWED.  Provided, that both the driver and the “angkas” shall wear helmet with visor and facemasks.  Provided further, that they bring with them a Certification issued by their respective Punong Barangay to prove that they are dwelling of the same house.
  1.  Private Car Passenger Limit: Only one (1) passenger is allowed to occupy the passenger seat. Passenger load for the front-facing seats shall not exceed two (2) passengers per row. Side-facing seats shall have passenger load not exceeding 50% or half of the seating capacity where passengers should be seated in accordance with physical distancing guidelines of the DOH.
  • Resident peddlers and ambulant vendors are ALLOWED to ply their wares/goods house-to-house while non-resident peddlers and ambulant vendors are NOT ALLOWED.
  •  On-line selling for residents/local producers are still encouraged provided they will secure permit from the Punong Barangay.

On- line selling for non-residents are allowed to enter within the municipality.  Provided, that transactions between the non-resident on-line seller and the resident re-seller/buyer shall be done within the established checkpoint/s of the barangay.

  • Establishment of checkpoints in the barangays is no longer mandatory. However, an Officer/Duty-of –the-Day shall be designated at the “COVID-19 HELP DESK” to be put-up in a strategic place within the barangay, that is, at the   Barangay Hall when it is nearby a road and any strategic place when the Barangay Hall is not located along the road.
  •  All residents are required to bring a valid I.D. wherever they go. Main checkpoint to be manned by the PNP Personnel shall still be maintained along the national road, specifically at Barangay Cadanglaan.
  • All establishments are allowed to operate but, shall strictly comply with the social/physical distancing  protocol and adhere to the safety and minimum health standards issued by the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Department of Transportation (DOTr), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and other concerned government agencies: 

Store hours is now open until 8:00 o’clock in the evening only.  

Fast-food restaurants, carinderia, eatery and the like are NOW ALLOWED for dine-in services.  Provided that, health protocols are being observed and only 50% of the seating capacity of the venue is allowed to be occupied.

Barber shops and salons are ALLOWED to open.   Provided that, health protocols are being observed and only 50% of the seating capacity of the venue is allowed.

  •  “NO FACE MASK, NO FACE SHIELD, NO ENTRY” in all Establishments. All Public and Private Institutions, Business, Commercial and other establishments must ensure that people who would enter their buildings/establishments   are wearing face masks/shields.  Establishments and institutions are mandated to refuse entry of any person not practicing physical distancing, wearing of face mask or improvised face shield. They are also mandated to make sure that their employees are doing the same. The Owner of the business establishment or institution shall be held responsible for the penalty to be imposed for any violation of the provision of this section.  Said establishments shall have thermal scanning, foot bath , alcohol spray/sanitizer and logbook upon entry of customers/buyers;

The number of people outside and inside the establishment shall be limited to 50% of its capacity and strictly adhering to 1-2 meters distance.

  • Government Service is now in full operational capacity pending relevant issuances from the Civil Service Commission.
  •   Amusement, gaming, fitness establishments and other tourism-related leisure are ALLOWED TO OPERATE.   Group of bikers, motor riders passing the municipality are NOW ALLOWED. Bystanders doing pictures at the plaza are PROHIBITED. Leisure travel of local tourist/s is temporarily NOT permitted. Contact sports/games like basketball, volleyball, etc. are still prohibited.    
  • Essential Public and Private Constructions shall be allowed to operate, subject to separate guidelines to be issued by the DPWH.  (e.g. sewerage, water services facilities, health  facilities and other priority projects.) 
  •   Agricultural activities are allowed provided that health protocols will be observed.
  •   Videoke/liveband is not allowed 24/7 in all kinds of occasions except during the “last night/damaan” of a deceased person. Provided, liveband starts at 5:00 O’clock in the afternoon until 8:00 o’clock in the evening only.  Provided further, health minimum public health standards shall be observed.    
  • There shall be an isolation facility ready for occupancy in every barangay.
  • All kinds of gatherings shall be coordinated first at the concerned barangay.    Prior to issuance of permit/clearance, ocular inspection of the VENUE shall be conducted by the PNP and the MHO.  During the gathering, there shall be a logbook for attendees to be submitted at the BHERT for contact tracing purposes.      


(Definition of Terms,  Guidelines for  APOR, LSI, RR, PASSERS BY, ROF entering the municipality,  Crossing of Borders,  and  Wakes & Funerals)

Section 1.  Definition of Terms.  The following terms and phrases are defined as used in this Article: 

  1.  APORs.  It means Authorized Persons Outside Residence.


  1. Medical APORs. Refers to any health worker who will be rendering medical services in the Province such as doctors, nurses, medical technologists, radiologists, midwives, care givers, hospital staff including janitorial services and other medical professionals.
  • Government APORs. Refer to any employee of the national government, LGUs, GOCCs, and other Government institutions.
  • Private APORs. Refer to any privately employed individual who enters Ilocos Sur for work related purposes.
  • Frequent Border Crossers APORs. Refer to any person who crosses the borders of Ilocos Sur going to nearby provinces for work purposes at least 3x a week.
  • APOR Providing Essential Goods and Medicines. Refer to any person who enters the Province to deliver goods, beverages, water, medicines, medical equipment, gas and all other essentials necessary for the daily living of human, including telecommunications and public utilities.
  •   LSIs.  It means   Locally Stranded Individuals.


  1. Stranded students.  Refer to residents of Ilocos Sur who are studying in other provinces or cities who were unable to return to the province after the declaration of ECQ.
  • Displaced workers. Those daily wage earners based in the company quarters situated in other province or cities, who have lost their jobs and dwelling due to the ECQ like construction workers, factory workers, domestic workers dismissed by their employers, PUV drivers/conductors.
  • Discharged patient.  Refers to a person who sought consultation or treatment outside the province and was unable to return due to ECQ.
  • Stranded domestic tourist. Refers to a resident of Ilocos Sur who travelled to other provinces or cities and were unable to return to the province after the declaration of ECQ.
  •   RRs.  It means Returning Residents.  Refer to residents of Ilocos Sur who travelled outside the province for any purpose other than work after the ECQ has been lifted.
  •  Passers By.  Refer to persons who come from other provinces, cities or municipalities who are going to other places but nevertheless need to pass through the Province of Ilocos Sur.

Section 2.  All APORs, LSIs, RRs and PASSERS BY entering the municipality shall comply with the following travel protocols:

  1.  Documentary Requirements
Type of TravellerRequirement
Government APORsID issued by their respective government agencyOriginal or certified true copy of travel authority/order issued by the Department Secretary of his / her designated officialRegister with S-PaSS  
Non-Government APORIDTravel OrderTravel ItineraryRegister with S-PaSS  
Returning Resident / Returning Overseas FilipinoIDCoordination with LGU of Residence / Letter of Acceptance from the barangayRegister with S-PaSS  
  Passer byIDDelivery receipts for cargoesRegister with S-Pass  
TouristIDCreate S-PaSS AccountApply for TCP thru S-PaSSDOT Accredited Travel Agent booking confirmationNegative RT-PCR test if coming from ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ areas issued within 72 hours prior to travel  
Cargo Drivers and HelpersIDDelivery receipts for cargoesRegister with S-PaSS  
Day visitorIDCreate S-PaSS AccountApply for TCP thru S-PaSS
  •   All persons coming to the municipality shall undergo 14-day quarantine either home or facility as determined by the MHO.
  •   All travellers and arriving in the municipality shall report at the quarantine facility for health and exposure assessment.
  •   Surveillance and monitoring – any traveller found to exhibit symptoms shall be isolated at the quarantine facility and shall undergo testing. If the test yields a positive result, he shall be referred to a higher level of facility. If negative, they shall be allowed to complete their 14 day isolation at home and can only be allowed to reintegrate with the community upon completion of their isolation.
  •   Minimum public health standards, which include physical distancing, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and wearing of face masks and face shields among others, shall be strictly implemented across all settings
  • For ROFs:
  1. An ROF shall undergo repeat RT-PCR test on the 5th day upon arrival in the municipality.
  • An ROF with negative RT-PCR test result and has undergone 14-day quarantine may go home and stay with his family. It is understood however that, he shall  be  under strict home quarantine and shall be allowed only to reintegrate with  the community when his repeat RT-PCR test taken on the 5th day of arrival yields a negative result.
    • In the event that the repeat RT-PCR test taken on the 5th day of arrival yields a positive result, the ROF shall be brought to an Isolation Facility where samples shall be taken from him for genomic sequencing.
    • An ROF with an initial negative RT-PCR result but nevertheless did not complete the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in the country shall be brought to the isolation facility of the LGU and shall complete therein the balance of the 14- day mandatory quarantine.
    • An ROF who, despite having undergone the 14-day quarantine period and tested negative to RT-PCR test, shall be determined to have travelled along with other ROFs who have not completed the 14-day quarantine period, shall be brought to the isolation facility of the LGU and shall be quarantined therein for a period of 14 days upon arrival to the municipality.
  1. All arriving LSIs  and  RRs  will be fetched by their own families/relatives  at the border (Tagudin, Ilocos Sur)  at their own expense like gasoline.  Likewise, ROFs coming from countries with travel restrictions shall be fetched by the municipality at the border.
  2. PUNONG BARANGAYS  are obliged to report to the Municipal IATF all arriving OFWs/Seafarers and LSIs in their own respective barangays. 

Section 3.   Frequent border- crossing is discouraged.    

Section 4.  Wakes and Funerals.

  1. Wake of a deceased person shall be observed with a recommended period of four (4) days from the time the remains of the deceased is first displayed.  The said period may however be extended by the Mayor under the reasonable and justifying circumstances.
  • All persons attending wake/funeral services shall strictly observe standing health protocols such as wearing face mask/shield, hand washing and physical distancing.
  • Card games, bingo, mahjong or any kind/form of illegal gambling shall strictly be prohibited.
  • For the purpose of contact tracing, a logbook of all individuals attending the wake must be kept indicating the following information:  Name, Age, Address, Date and Time of Visit, and Contact Number.


(Penalty, Implementing Departments/Agencies, and Effectivity)

Section 1.  PENALTY.

  1.   When found not wearing face mask/shield or not practicing social/physical distancing:  Php1000.00 and/or imprisonment of 10-30 days at the discretion of the court for first and succeeding offenses.
  • When violating the Curfew Hour: 
  1. First Offense –  a fine of Php500.00
    1. Second and Succeeding Offenses- a fine of Php1,000.00 and only drank /arrogant violators shall be brought at the PNP Municipal Station for counseling.
  2.    When violating the selling of liquor : Both the seller and thebuyer shall be meted as follows:
    1. First Offense – Community Service for at least 4 hours
    1. Second Offense – same as first offense plus a fine of P1,000.00
    1. Third and Succeeding Offenses – same as first offense plus a fine of P2,500.00 
  •   When violating the number of attendees on mass/social gatherings including religious gatherings, wake and funeral– a penalty of Php2,500.00 to who is found responsible shall be imposed.
  • When violating the number of passenger and legal fare of franchise tricycle, a fine  of P500.00 pesos for the first offense and Php2,500.00 for the Second and Succeeding Offenses.
  •   When violating the number of passenger/s of motorcycles, private tricycles, vans, etc., a fine of P500.00 pesos for the first offense and Php2,500.00 for the Second  and Succeeding Offenses.
  •  Peddlers and ambulant vendors when found guilty will be fined with Php500.00 for the first and succeeding offenses.
  •   Business Establishments when found to have violation on this Ordinance shall be fined with Php1, 000.00 pesos for the first offense and Php2,500.00 for the second offense, and revocation of Business Permit for the Third Offense.  
  •   Illegal gambling of any form/kind:  A fine of P2500.00 for every person involved.
  •   Unauthorized Person Outside Residence (UPOR).  Parent/Guardian of minors and all persons (adults)  guilty of loitering/”tambay” shall be meted  the  penalty of as per Ordinance Number 2019-5(a), as follows:  
  1. First Offense  – “Warning with police/barangay blotter”
    1. Second Offense – P500.00
    1. Third Offense – P1,500.00 and/or imprisonment of not more than six (6) months at the discretion of the court.
  •  Violation at the quarantine facility and home quarantine like ESCAPING, DRINKING LIQUOR, and ROAMING shall be meted with a penalty of Php. 2,500.00 or an imprisonment of not more than six months at the discretion of the court.
  • As per Ordinance Number 2020-12:
  1. Fines and Penalties of violators apprehended in the barangay shall be accrued to the general fund of the barangay using their Official Receipt (Applicable only to those violations with penalties up to One thousand Pesos (Php1,000.00) ;
    1. Fines and Penalties of violators apprehended by the Philippine National Police (PNP) along the national highway and at the barangay during roving shall be paid at the   Municipal Treasury Office.  The authorized PNP personnel shall use the CITATION  TICKET issued to them by the municipal government; and
    1.   Any violator shall be given seventy-two hours (72 hours) to pay his/her corresponding penalty to the municipal or barangay treasury office, as the case maybe.