Helen Custodio

Services Offered

Issuance of PESO Certification

The PESO Certification is issued to Workers Association seeking registration at Department of Labor and Employment, certifying that officers and members belong to informal sector and are not elected/appointed officials.


  • Complete set of requirements for the registration of Workers’ Association:
    • Letter of Intent
    • Application for Registration
    • List of Officers and Members with their Address
    • Minutes of Organizations / Reorganization Meeting with Attendance Sheet (Attach Original)
    • Minutes of Ratification of Constitution and By-Laws (CBL), its Date of Ratification with the Attendance Sheet
    • Constitution and By-Laws duly Ratified with Attached Names of Ratifying Members.


  1. File Request Form
  2. Submit request for PESO Certification with complete requirements at the Office of the PESO Manager
  3. Claim PESO Certfication